52|250's Third Quarter Review

The Best Of…

Welcome to thirtynine — highlighting flash, poetry and art from 52|250′s third quarter. Here are our selections of the very best from our many submissions from weeks 27-39. Our weeks at 52|250 are packed with more and more stories and poems, and this quarterly reflects that as well. In addition, we asked many of our 52|250 contributors to help us make this third quarterly special, and they came through with tremendous energy and commitment, just as we’ve come to expect.
First we asked our most frequent flashers — those writers who submitted pieces each week during the thirteen weeks of our third quarter — to create a non-fiction piece that tells us a little more about themselves by writing about someone who has influenced them or made a mark. Visit In my life to read how Len Kuntz, Susan Tepper, Linda Simoni-Wastila, Matt Potter, Catherine Russell, Stephen Hastings-King, Robert Vaughan and Guy Yasko reveal the stuff of life.

Next we asked some of our newest contributors to tell us about their flashing experience. Here you’ll find Catherine Davis, Melissa McEwen and John Riley sharing their views on diving deep, capturing a mood, and haphazard links that turn into a story. See Newcomers flash their flash to read about their processes.

We also pay tribute to Al McDermid and Guy Yasko, whose photography and art have animated our pages since the first quarter. You can find our more about their unique perspectives at But what does it all mean … ?

Finally your editors have a little fun here, too. Go to Editors Flash! Public Appalled! to read original non-fiction pieces from each of us following the themes CUBE, SQUARE, ROOTS as selected for us by our three most frequent contributors, Catherine Russell, Linda Simoni-Wastila and Susan Tepper. Following those new stories, you’ll find two selections each from our own writings from the third quarter.

We would like to thank all of 52|250’s contributors for making the third quarter of this flashy year a great experience for all.

We also thank all our readers who visit 52|250 and our quarterlies. Feel free to comment on the stories and art you find here on the Thanks to All! page. And if you’re interested in reading more about the 52|250 challenge, you’ll find more outstanding flash, poetry and art at 52|250 A Year of Flash.

Welcome to thirtynine!


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